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A human adventure

The Pedalo, before being a supermarket, is above all a human adventure for its members.  They come together to set up and operate a store that meets their needs, those of their environment and the producers involved.

 Shopping therefore also becomes an opportunity to participate in a common project, to put your skills at the service of a store in which you can feel good, and to be part of a democratic decision-making process.  It’s also a lot of sharing and conviviality!

An approach that makes sense

Shopping in a collaborative supermarket such as Le Pédalo means consuming local, organic and fair trade products – sometimes even all three at the same time.  Indeed, the products are selected by the cooperative members, with respect for the Earth, People, and above all, on the basis of a bottom-up process.  Here, we move away from the big chains that think profit before resilience, and we act conscientiously.


An evolving project

The project is developing in three phases. Until the beginning of December, we were in phase 1: The e-shop. Orders for dry goods were placed via an e-shop “La Tribu”. Today, we are in the second phase of the project: the Labo Market. This is a physical shop that offers fruit and vegetables and a wider range of products. By 2022, the final project will emerge: a SUPERMARKET with more than 300 products.

A sustainabmle investment

Investing in a fledgling business (less than 4 years old) such as Le Pédalo Supermarket allows you to benefit from the Tax shelter : a 45% tax reduction on the amount invested (with a maximum of € 640 per year). It may not be huge, but it still is a good incentive to take action: out of € 100 invested in the « Le Pédalo Supermarket cooperative », you’ll benefit from a € 45 tax reduction. Each year you will receive an attestation that will make you eligible for this tax reduction. To find out more, check out this link: : Fisconetplus (