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How does a collaborative market work?

Le Pédalo is a cooperative, participatory and non-profit supermarket with a social purpose.

Created by local citizens for local citizens in Etterbeek to consume differently (selection of products by cooperators  , low margins thanks to the monthly hands-on participation of cooperators that makes the offer of attractive selling prices to the community possible).

It is inspired by BEEScoop, the very first collaborative supermarket created in Brussels and located in Schaerbeek.  This model has already proven its worth in the United States and more particularly in Brooklyn, New York with the Park Slop Food Coop founded in 1973. This model is the inspiration for our project.

It is based on a triple commitment from its members.  Indeed, the cooperator is at the same time:


 Each cooperator, by subscribing to a share, becomes part-owner of the cooperative.  He decides on the organization and direction of his supermarket. To allow financial accessibility for most, different levels of shares are available.



He/She agrees to work 3 hours every 4 weeks in the supermarket.  The majority of the tasks are carried out by members which reduces costs and builds a true cooperative dynamic.



The Pedalo e-shop is only open to members, however, it is possible to guest-test it for a month.  It offers high quality food products at a reduced price.


The Pedalo aims to be profitable and financially independent without seeking to generate profits (no financial dividends). To reach that goal, Le Pédalo has chosen the form of a cooperative company with limited liability, with a social purpose, approved by the National Cooperation Council (CNC