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Questions fréquentes

What is a cooperative ?

A cooperative is a company with a specific economic and social model of governance.
At the heart of the model: mutual aid, self-responsibility, democracy, equity, solidarity.
Cooperatives are committed to the preservation of a know-how, a product, a profession … 
They make sense because they focus on people rather than profit.

Why open a cooperative supermarket ?

The goal is to provide an alternative to conventional supermarkets to create a more humane food system and change the world.
It is a model that does not follow the more conventional modern economic logic:
The objective is not to maximize profitability and benefits to shareholders, but rather to give access to quality food and products that promote a more sustainable and humane economy.

Who is Le Pédalo ?

The 4 project leaders are Vincent, Johana, Pierre and Françoise.
4 committed citizens.
2 men and 2 women who have diverse professional backgrounds in finance, IT, media,
entrepreneurship, nutrition, sustainable food, education, international business and even music.
The 4 of them are involved in around fifteen citizen projects focusing on transition, active mobility, the fight against food waste ( Zero Waste), composting, sustainable neighborhoods, urban agriculture, etc. .
3 of them are cooperators at BeesCoop, the first cooperative supermarket in the capital of Belgium.

How does the governance of a super-cooperative work ?

The cooperative operates on the principle of one person = one vote
All decisions are taken collectively and the operation of the cooperative is completely transparent.
Governance takes the form of management committees and an annual general assembly where everyone can make proposals, participate in decisions (operation, choice of products, etc.) and vote.

What will the profit be used for ?

The profits generated are reinvested in the cooperative to make the project sustainable and
remunerate the few employees. They can also contribute to the decrease product margins.

How does the work of the members in the cooperative entails ?

Each cooperator devotes 2h45 every 4 weeks to the cooperative.
The tasks are diverse: checkout, order processing, shelving, inventory, cheese cutting, etc.
Team shifts take place throughout the day: from preparing the store for opening, early in the morning, to cleaning the store at closing time on weekdays and weekends.
It is precisely the fact that most of the work is done by members that reduces certain costs.

What will we find at Le Pédalo ?

Our ambition is to be a one-stop shopping venue.
You can find everything that is in a “classic” supermarket: food and non-food products, fresh products, bread, but also hygiene and cleaning products.
The idea is to eventually allow members to come and do their shopping at the Pedalo, without having to go anywhere else.
Particular attention is given to bulk products, organic and local products that respect the
environment and people.

Where do the products come from ?

Le Pédalo wants to offer sustainable food by favoring local and / or organic producers.
The didactical labeling on the products aims to be clear and intuitive to give as much information as possible about their origin and means of production.
This system will allow members to make their purchasing choices with full knowledge of those facts.

How can I join the project ?

Easy-as-pie : fill out this form  and we will get back to you very quickly.

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